Welcome to our new website dedicated to the PhatBox family!

In 2007, PhatNoise (owned by the Harman group) officially discontinued the PhatBox product.
No formal statements, or announcements were issued to this effect.

In the same year a distinct lack of availability of the PhatNoise.com website prompted us to create a site where it was possible to download both current, and archived content that used to be housed on the PhatNoise website.

To the best of our knowledge, no objections have been raised by Harman [owners of the PhatNoise site] in response to an e-mail sent to them giving them the opportunity to dispute making these downloads available.

This site is therefore NOT associated with, or endorsed by Harman/PhatNoise!

However, we hope that this site will prove to be a useful site for obtaining anything needed to keep your PhatNoise products running in the future!

You'll find our downloads section (requires site membership) packed with all the PhatNoise related downloads that we could get our hands on.
These downloads are the same FREE versions that were available on the PhatNoise.com website.

Downloads submitted by other users are ORIGINAL versions of the software that may require product activation.

Our forums may contain some friendly advice - but we'd recommend you check our longer established friends here.

If you would like to contribute in any way to the site please feel free to drop us a mail!

Looking for the official PhatNoise site? Try here!

 Important Please Read:

Due to a security flaw in a previous version of the site (E107) and more specifically one of the plugins it was using, it has been necessary to re-install the site from a clean base, using the existing database.
This should help reduce the amount of spam seen by the website which has been preventing ligitimate users from signing up and getting access to content that they required.

As part of this of this process I have also taken the decision to remove all users that have not visited the site more than once, regardless of age of the account.
I appreciate that this will unfortunately have an impact on existing users, but it you are not able to sign-in using your previous credentials please try re-creating your account.

Please accept my apologies for this intrusive action, but hopefully moving forward this will help to prevent further abuse of the site by inappropriate bots.

 Latest News:

Monday 18 February 2013
General Spam Issues
Friday 11 November 2011
PhatNoise Media/Music Manager Firmware Update process, now re-enabled!
Tuesday 30 November 2010
 Phatnoise.org.uk mirror site - No Longer Available
VorTechS On Tuesday 30 November 2010 - 00:58:14 |
Monday 02 August 2010
 PhatHack Media Manager goes Beta
VorTechS On Monday 02 August 2010 - 11:00:18 |
Monday 26 July 2010
 Site Disruption: Availability issues are on-going
VorTechS On Monday 26 July 2010 - 05:05:45 |
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This site is an UNOFFICIAL site dedicated to the PhatNoise PhatBox/Kenwood Keg. It is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or officially endorsed by PhatNoise/Harman.